09 October 2014

The time is now

We're in the throes of Mercury Retrograde & a full moon has just taken place which is probably why things are feeling slightly fractious in our home. Siblings fighting back from being overpowered and recurring health issues have finally come to a head (mercury retrograde!!) which although stressful, is necessary and welcomed. We have the opportunity to deal with them and I know we will be healed allowing us to leave them behind. My husband has finally been referred for an urgent MRI after years,YEARS of doctors dismissing us and prescribing a new barrage of drugs (which he hasn't taken). Hours and hours of me researching. Why is it that so many professionals no matter their profession always presume they know better? Its an endemic of the modern health care system, not listening to patients who know in their gut something is amiss. If it doesn't show up in a blood test it doesn't exist. Hence why we see a Naturopath now not a doctor usually.
 I love learning, I'm also wrong a lot, So I want to be corrected or educated but do so respectfully and with humility. And in turn they need to open to learning something from those lesser educated. This change needs to be realised in order for healthcare to be effective.

I am nearing 30 and have spent most of my life denying who I am, trying to fit into whatever click is around me at the time. Its only been since having my 3rd child I think that I have fully embraced  accepted myself. Not everyone has to like me, I'm passionate, a perfectionist and a right fighter and that pisses some people off, and that's cool. As long as I behave with grace and respect, I can be at peace knowing it's not about me. I'm either reflecting something in them that they don't like about themselves or we simply don't have anything to teach each other and so are repelled from each others life's. It is the way of the universe, don't fight it, it is not you and once you really get that your outlook will be transformed. The world feels very different when you know not to take others actions or opinions personally.
      Your most inner self is who you were born to be, embrace that and start listening to her, your intuition. Not social media, your sister in law or anyone else who makes you feel less than you know you are.

Us seekers, dreamers, nomads, teachers, we're light workers. You are here for a purpose, or many? The time is now, it's exciting. The world is rearing up against oppression, deceit, greed and tyranny. This is not the time to be meek, to allow others to over shadow or disrespect you. October is the month for new intentions, letting go of the old, whether it be relationships, self hate or self destruction in all its forms.

So I say to you on this new moon cycle, Trust your instinct, take back your power, be open to all the gifts that the universe is waiting to deliver to you. Imagine if your desires and dreams were a reality? It can be!

Your Lack of readiness is an illusion communicated by
shame ridden parts of you, that will forever have you believing
that you have to take a few more steps until your real life begins.
It's an illusion of epic proportions. Get to it brilliant being.
There is no need to procrastinate, the gateway to wholeness-
it stands before you with your name on it.
The world is ready for what you have to offer.
No time like the presence.

-Jeff Brown 



  1. This is an amazing and inspiring post. You have a real gift for writing :)

    1. Thanks Anna, i appreciate you taking the time to comment :)