About Me

Hi! I’m Terri

I am a devoted 29 year old mother to four beautiful little people, and wife to my Husband Josh.

We live rurally in New Zealand and are on a continual learning path of frugality, intentional living and self sufficiency (still pretty way off on this one). We homeschool, interest led learning would probably describe it better!

I have always been interested in Health and Nutrition from a natural perspective and the healing of  the body through natural medicine and spiritual intuition. I am due to begin a Diploma in Naturopathy shortly which I am so, so excited about!

This blog is for me to ponder, contemplate and share any tidbits, recipes and links that I think may be appreciated.

I can always be found with a child on my hip, a crystal in my pocket and a cup of tea in hand.

I hope you enjoy your time here.

T x

 Just to let you know, i occasionally post affiliate links, this means that i get a few pennies when you purchase the items ive linked to. It doesnt cost you anything and I would never, ever endorse a product or service that I would not purchase myself. Items I recommend are things with which I have personal experience and can recommend without reservation. Please be assured that any money i receive is used to help the hubby pay bills or to buy school supplies for the children, thanks so much x

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