14 October 2014

Busy life, happy heart

Life is moving along at a fast pace as it always seems to since having children.

Spring is our favourite season, we love getting outside finishing off projects, starting new ones. The children can barely be contained in the house as soon as the sun rises above the hills, as it should be...

I'm finally working on their outdoor tee pee and we're very happy with this corner of the garden.

When we moved here you couldn't even see the concrete, so last year my husband and I cleared it with me shoveling mounds of dirt very heavily pregnant. In an attempt to finish it off we built the wall this weekend, but spending lots of money on a rental property just isn't in our budget so we did what we could with whatever was around the property. The bed on the left will house Tomato plants. Hubby is building a table and I will plant some flowers and maybe some creepers to hide the bank while the ivy grows back. We hope for this to be our outdoor eating area and I plan to string up fairy lights just because they make me happy...

We are in a flurry of list making,pinterest....ing and tree chopping. Isabelle turns 7 in a few weeks & this year she has friends to invite, which is lovely because the last few years have been small celebrations due to relocating again. It will be a bit over the top and special, she deserves it. Being the eldest can be hard and full of self imposed responsibility. It does my heart good, to see her fully in the moment with her buddies.

After that we have more important celebrations, my only son turns the big 5, then christmas and finally this girlie's first birthday will be upon us. She has been such a blessing. I can always tell what their personalities will be after a few weeks of them being earth side and she was no exception, easy, loves everyone, will be the peacekeeper among siblings no doubt and will likely have to hold Aria back from a few scrapes.

This time of year is always overwhelming yet so, so full of happiness and gratitude for these souls gifted to us. And for the man who provides for us and has grown into the most amazing father. Three girls, he's gonna need some therapy or hair dye after the teen years I'm sure.

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