26 October 2014

Op shopping and the benefits of second hand

Sorry I had to add this video! I love it for some reason, me and kids dance around to it (the censored version of course :) )

I don't buy new clothes unless I absolutely have to with the exemption of shoes and undies. This is for both ethical and health reasons. Did you know that the cultivation of Cotton is responsible for 25% of the worlds pesticide usage? (1) Thousands of chemicals are used in the production of clothing and the standard one wash is not going to get rid of bugger all of it. I would much rather clothe my children in clothes that have already been washed 5/6 or more times and probably line dried at least once. There will still be chemical residues but the amount will be dramatically reduced. Add onto that the water usage by clothing manufacturers and sweat shop politics and I think second hand is a no brainer. We don't even buy new mattresses, If I could afford $6,000 for a new organic one then I would of course but alas papa ain't no rich business dude so we go for second hand in the knowledge that a lot of the chemicals have had 7+ years to leach out.

Anyways back to op shopping, one of my favourite things to do! I love quality and I love paying 99c for it! The children were all in dire need of some 'new' clothes coming into Summer so off I went and this is just some of what I scored!

Vintage Love

You can never have too much Agee!!

I spent $86.00 and that included 3 sheets and a mattress protector for my toddler plus a single sheet set. That's $2.50 ish per item and I sneaked in a few dresses for me too as you can see :)

There's a few links below if you want to know more about the dangers of clothing production to your health and our mother earth. Do you buy Second hand? Do you love a Bargain? :)





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