29 October 2014

How to be a great parent by Isabelle, Lachlan and Aria

Isabelle aged 7

Be kind to your children

Cook for us

Arrange playdate's

Do birthday parties for us

Bake with us

Don't tell us off

But when you do tell us off don't shout, just talk and don't get angry when we can't answer the question

Make baby brothers and sisters

Take me hunting and fishing 

Lachlan aged 4.5

Make food

Be nice and give us different breakfasts

Play with the cars with me on the train track

Give us hugs

Do stuff with us

 Aria aged 2.5

Change my bum

Going at the market

Do you ever ask your kids these sorts of questions? It can be very eye opening :)

26 October 2014

Op shopping and the benefits of second hand

Sorry I had to add this video! I love it for some reason, me and kids dance around to it (the censored version of course :) )

I don't buy new clothes unless I absolutely have to with the exemption of shoes and undies. This is for both ethical and health reasons. Did you know that the cultivation of Cotton is responsible for 25% of the worlds pesticide usage? (1) Thousands of chemicals are used in the production of clothing and the standard one wash is not going to get rid of bugger all of it. I would much rather clothe my children in clothes that have already been washed 5/6 or more times and probably line dried at least once. There will still be chemical residues but the amount will be dramatically reduced. Add onto that the water usage by clothing manufacturers and sweat shop politics and I think second hand is a no brainer. We don't even buy new mattresses, If I could afford $6,000 for a new organic one then I would of course but alas papa ain't no rich business dude so we go for second hand in the knowledge that a lot of the chemicals have had 7+ years to leach out.

Anyways back to op shopping, one of my favourite things to do! I love quality and I love paying 99c for it! The children were all in dire need of some 'new' clothes coming into Summer so off I went and this is just some of what I scored!

Vintage Love

You can never have too much Agee!!

I spent $86.00 and that included 3 sheets and a mattress protector for my toddler plus a single sheet set. That's $2.50 ish per item and I sneaked in a few dresses for me too as you can see :)

There's a few links below if you want to know more about the dangers of clothing production to your health and our mother earth. Do you buy Second hand? Do you love a Bargain? :)





21 October 2014

Honey Sweetened Oat Crumble Topping

At last, another Scrummy Sunday series post. Not on a sunday I know, but better late than never I guess!

Honey Sweetened Oat Crumble Topping

My family are big dessert people, I am from the UK so I love all the traditional stodgy puddings with custard but once we cut out sugar, I set about adjusting my recipes so we could still enjoy them because life without dessert is simply rubbish!!

Here is my recipe for the traditional Crumble, I love its crunchiness. Enjoy it with cream, custard or ice cream, Adjust it to suit your own family. Substitute the flour for almond flour or the honey for maple syrup, more or less fruit, its up to you!

I made a pear and berry crumble for this post, but have included quantities of other fruit at the bottom.


1.5 cups Organic Oats
1.5 Cups Flour (We use King Arthur flour, wholemeal also works fine but add another tsp of oil or 20g of butter to counteract dryness)
1/4 tsp Cinnamon (Ginger and Nutmeg is also lovely)
4- 6 tbsp Raw Honey  (*see below)
3.5 tsp Coconut oil
80g Room temperature Butter

*We use 4 tbsp Honey but you may wish to use 6 if you are used to raw or refined sugar as it may not be sweet enough for you.

Add Oats, Flour and Cinnamon to a large mixing bowl.

 Add honey and Coconut oil to a small saucepan and gently heat until just melted.

Drizzle into dry mixture, mix with a spoon then rub in using fingers until it resembles breadcrumbs.

 Finally rub in Butter until mixed well.

 This makes approximately 3 1/2 cups of crumble topping. This makes 3 Desserts in a 18.5cm dish or two in a 25cm dish. 

-Fillings are for an 18cm Dish to serve two, or for four conservative portions (but who wants one of those? :))

Pear & Berry                   2 ripe pears, peeled and chopped, 1 cup berries
Apple and strawberry      3 Apples, peeled and chopped, 1 cup hulled and diced strawberries
Peach                               650g peeled and chopped peaches or 1.5 tins.
Mixed fruit                      1 Apple, 1 Pear both peeled and chopped, handful of berries, 100g Peaches.

This is a yummy treat for all the family, I hope you enjoy it! 

14 October 2014

Busy life, happy heart

Life is moving along at a fast pace as it always seems to since having children.

Spring is our favourite season, we love getting outside finishing off projects, starting new ones. The children can barely be contained in the house as soon as the sun rises above the hills, as it should be...

I'm finally working on their outdoor tee pee and we're very happy with this corner of the garden.

When we moved here you couldn't even see the concrete, so last year my husband and I cleared it with me shoveling mounds of dirt very heavily pregnant. In an attempt to finish it off we built the wall this weekend, but spending lots of money on a rental property just isn't in our budget so we did what we could with whatever was around the property. The bed on the left will house Tomato plants. Hubby is building a table and I will plant some flowers and maybe some creepers to hide the bank while the ivy grows back. We hope for this to be our outdoor eating area and I plan to string up fairy lights just because they make me happy...

We are in a flurry of list making,pinterest....ing and tree chopping. Isabelle turns 7 in a few weeks & this year she has friends to invite, which is lovely because the last few years have been small celebrations due to relocating again. It will be a bit over the top and special, she deserves it. Being the eldest can be hard and full of self imposed responsibility. It does my heart good, to see her fully in the moment with her buddies.

After that we have more important celebrations, my only son turns the big 5, then christmas and finally this girlie's first birthday will be upon us. She has been such a blessing. I can always tell what their personalities will be after a few weeks of them being earth side and she was no exception, easy, loves everyone, will be the peacekeeper among siblings no doubt and will likely have to hold Aria back from a few scrapes.

This time of year is always overwhelming yet so, so full of happiness and gratitude for these souls gifted to us. And for the man who provides for us and has grown into the most amazing father. Three girls, he's gonna need some therapy or hair dye after the teen years I'm sure.

09 October 2014

The time is now

We're in the throes of Mercury Retrograde & a full moon has just taken place which is probably why things are feeling slightly fractious in our home. Siblings fighting back from being overpowered and recurring health issues have finally come to a head (mercury retrograde!!) which although stressful, is necessary and welcomed. We have the opportunity to deal with them and I know we will be healed allowing us to leave them behind. My husband has finally been referred for an urgent MRI after years,YEARS of doctors dismissing us and prescribing a new barrage of drugs (which he hasn't taken). Hours and hours of me researching. Why is it that so many professionals no matter their profession always presume they know better? Its an endemic of the modern health care system, not listening to patients who know in their gut something is amiss. If it doesn't show up in a blood test it doesn't exist. Hence why we see a Naturopath now not a doctor usually.
 I love learning, I'm also wrong a lot, So I want to be corrected or educated but do so respectfully and with humility. And in turn they need to open to learning something from those lesser educated. This change needs to be realised in order for healthcare to be effective.

I am nearing 30 and have spent most of my life denying who I am, trying to fit into whatever click is around me at the time. Its only been since having my 3rd child I think that I have fully embraced  accepted myself. Not everyone has to like me, I'm passionate, a perfectionist and a right fighter and that pisses some people off, and that's cool. As long as I behave with grace and respect, I can be at peace knowing it's not about me. I'm either reflecting something in them that they don't like about themselves or we simply don't have anything to teach each other and so are repelled from each others life's. It is the way of the universe, don't fight it, it is not you and once you really get that your outlook will be transformed. The world feels very different when you know not to take others actions or opinions personally.
      Your most inner self is who you were born to be, embrace that and start listening to her, your intuition. Not social media, your sister in law or anyone else who makes you feel less than you know you are.

Us seekers, dreamers, nomads, teachers, we're light workers. You are here for a purpose, or many? The time is now, it's exciting. The world is rearing up against oppression, deceit, greed and tyranny. This is not the time to be meek, to allow others to over shadow or disrespect you. October is the month for new intentions, letting go of the old, whether it be relationships, self hate or self destruction in all its forms.

So I say to you on this new moon cycle, Trust your instinct, take back your power, be open to all the gifts that the universe is waiting to deliver to you. Imagine if your desires and dreams were a reality? It can be!

Your Lack of readiness is an illusion communicated by
shame ridden parts of you, that will forever have you believing
that you have to take a few more steps until your real life begins.
It's an illusion of epic proportions. Get to it brilliant being.
There is no need to procrastinate, the gateway to wholeness-
it stands before you with your name on it.
The world is ready for what you have to offer.
No time like the presence.

-Jeff Brown 


03 October 2014

Support your childs immune system naturally

We don't take Multivitamins or other artificial supplements in our home. I prefer to use foods and other methods to maintain our healthy bodies. And with increasing concern over nasty bugs and such, I thought I would share with you the main ways I support my children's health and immune system's naturally.



ACV Improves Intestinal Flora (which is crucial for a strong immune system), cleanses the lymph nodes, and breaks up Mucus in the body. It also contains Antimicrobial properties and helps to balance the body's PH levels. I use this one goo.gl/9cEbfZ

They all have this around twice a week in local organic apple juice. Every day if they have a runny nose or cough.


Honey has an amazing blend of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients and other health components. The two key beneficial components of truly raw honey are bee pollen and propolis, both have Antibacterial and antiviral properties. Raw honey is known to be a cough suppressant and is Alkaline forming, encouraging an alkaline PH level in the body.

They have this drizzled on breakfast, in a warm drink before bed or as a spread on treats such crackers and scones. It is also our sweetener of choice for any desserts, cakes and so on.

Please note that it must state 'raw' on the jar and should not be given to children below one year of age.



Turmeric, Cumin, Ginger,cinnamon & Black pepper and many more have specific immune boosting qualities. Add to meals or warm drinks. I even add a sprinkle of cumin into pasta dishes and no one notices. All the children have black pepper to season their meals and regularly have sliced ginger, lemon and honey in warm water during the colder months.


During the winter I only give my children warm water to drink. I actually started this when an older lady in Dubai told me that this is what they do in her native country. After a bit of research I believe it stems from the Ayurvedic practice of warm foods in winter and cold food in summer. But it really resonated with me and I have done it ever since.



 This past cold season when my son reported an ear ache at 2am, I used Garlic oil in his ear and it was gone by the morning. I have never had to use Antibiotics for my children, I believe this to be largely due to our lifestyle. Always try a natural remedy first for mild illness as it can take months to rebuild a child's immune system and Gut health after a course of Antibiotics. There are of course times when they are unavoidable. When this happens I would strongly suggest supplementing the child with probiotics, bone broth, Aloe vera juice and apple cider vinegar.


Calpol/Pamol whatever it is called in your country. This is a liquid paracetamol pain relief medicine used to reduce fever and pain in infants and children.
My eldest had a few doses of the stuff when I didn't know better but none of my other children have ever had it and they have never needed to. A fever is the body's way of fighting infection and studies have shown fever-reducing medications actually suppress the production of antibodies, therefore often increasing the length of infection up to 50% longer (1). Basically let the body do what it is designed to do!!

There are times when medical attention is necessary;

when a baby younger than 3 months has an elevated temperature.

A fever above 102.2°F/39°C in ages 3 months- 3 years old.

A fever above 104.5°F/40.3°C at any age.

Here are some tips in easing fever discomfort from Mommypotamus:


and here is a link to Homeopathyplus.com for information on homeopathic remedies;



Yes I did remove the leaf :)

Well sort of, what I mean by this is let them get dirty, encourage outdoor play with mud/dirt/plants etc.. Studies suggests early exposure to microbes is essential for normal immune development, and I wholeheartedly agree. My 9 month old is outside everyday, and whilst I don't sit there encouraging her to eat dirt she has certainly ingested her fair share as well as touching grass and leaves and so on.

Here's a fascinating article to support this;



My children have probiotics every day. Our usual sources include;

Organic Greek Yoghurt
Organic Milk Kefir
Raw Milk
Fermented foods

Gut health is directly linked with immune health. Probiotics basically ensure that the beneficial bacteria outweigh the bad, making it harder for bad bacteria to take hold. Supporting this claim is the latest research published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport which found that New Zealand athletes had about 40% fewer colds and gastrointestinal infections when they took a probiotic compared to when they took a placebo(2). 


If you are able to get it, this stuff is amazing. You must source it from a reputable supplier to ensure safety measures have been taken. My children have 1/4 tsp every other day. It is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, considered a mega-superfood due to high concentrations of proteins, essential fats, vitamins, minerals and enzymes which are all easily absorbed by the body due to their raw, unprocessed state. You can feel it working within hour's of consumption. 

And probably the two most important;



This looks different to everyone. For us this is minimal grains, no sugar for the majority of the time. Organic/raw dairy, Bone Broth, grass fed meat and lots of fruits and vegetables with plenty of onion and garlic in everything. Food as close to it's natural state as possible is best.



Children, well all of us really, need to be on our feet for more time than we're sat down. Turn the t.v off and get them outside!!

I hope you found this helpful? Do you have anything to add to this list? Do share, I would love to know!!