26 September 2014

This Home

My husband and I met, were married and had a baby in the space of just over one year. Since then we've been pretty nomadic, trying to find our place in the world and at the same time going through massive personal growth. That growth and all its emotional turmoil has made our marriage so much stronger and luckily has moved us in the same direction, on the same path. We both yearn for the same things, one of those being our own property. A place to raise our children, live sustainably and away from modern convenience. But alas with four children and one income we are just living on a hope and a prayer with that one.

So in the mean time its about making our rental houses comfortable for my family. For a long time its been an internal struggle, the need to nest, and create a retreat but that in feeling this way I was succumbing to consumerism, materialism and probably a few other 'isms'. I'd visit friends and sit on their plump furnishings with 'unnecessary' cushions, throws and nic nacs and note how welcoming and homely it was only to return to my 'shell' of necessary items; a couch, a table, beds and so on.

Over time after seeking and questioning and asking for guidance, I now know that a woman's calling to motherhood doesn't begin and end with procreation and nurturing, it is the child's rearing in its entirety, and part of that is creating an environment that is safe, warm and enriching. From having books to pour over and lose yourself in, to a snuggly bed to retreat to after a days adventures. And so we teach our children there is nothing wrong with enjoying these gifts so long as its sustainable, second hand or handmade and bought new as a last resort.

This is the longest we have ever lived in the same house, we may even have our second Christmas here! I birthed my fourth baby right here in the living room and I shall be sad to leave. But in the mean time I will do my very best to decorate and care for it so that it may reflect the love that's residing inside, Our home. Our sanctuary.

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