30 September 2014

This child of mine

The constant evolution that is Homeschooling has meant that there have been a few changes around here as of late. The most important being that Lachlan, my very gregarious and funny almost 5 year old, has decided he's ready to start school.
    He has been asking for a while and I've placated his request with workbooks and the occasional printable, reluctant to have him start so early and to be honest not ready myself. These tentative first years of homeschooling Izzie have seen massive learning curves for me, scraping approach after approach. We have finally found our groove and I was enjoying the simplicity in our days that came with it.

Almost two months ago however, Lachlan blew me away by writing his name and age perfectly, he was even holding his pencil correctly. This from the boy who thus far has refused to even draw a picture. It made me realise that not only was he ready, but that I was being remiss in holding him back because this was when he WANTED to start. This is a fundamental part of why we chose to educate at home. To nurture a love of learning, In their own time, at their own speed. And so here we are. He does his writing and reading patiently and with intent, then decides he's had enough for the day and goes off to make train tracks and climb trees which is wonderful and exactly as it should be. The transition has been an easy one but not without me feeling somewhat exhausted occasionally. In time we will add some arithmetic but he's always been a part of our science experiments,baking and so on so there's no rush. This gorgeous child, so gentle in nature. When he hugs me at night, when I catch him holding his baby sisters hair out of her face in the back of the car because of the breeze, I wonder how it came to be that I would be blessed with such a son. I look forward to the lessons I have to learn from him and once again thank the guiding force that led me to this homeschooling path.

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