22 September 2014

Celebrating Spring Equinox with Children

 This is the first year that we are being really intentional in our celebrations for Spring Equinox. It falls on September 23rd for 2014 here in the Southern Hemisphere whilst for those of you North of the line it will be the Autumn Equinox.

So in case you dont know, Equinoxes occur when the axis of rotation of the Earth (N & S poles) is exactly parallel to the direction of motion of the Earth around the sun. This only occurs on two days of the year, and this means that the hours of daylight and darkness are equal (12 hours) all over the world.

Pagans celebrated the spring or vernal equinox as the festival of Ostara, the fertility goddess, and used the symbols of the hare and the egg to honor the deity. The date of Easter is determined by the first full moon after the vernal equinox.


Spring Equinox signifies lighter mornings, warmer days and marks new beginnings in Agriculture.
Its is also a time when life is all around us with baby animals and surprise returnings of crops. 
I like to 'spring clean' my home, rid us of the old and dusty, weed my garden and welcome new growth and fresh starts. 

Coincidence that I start this blog a few days before the Equinox? I think not!

Hello Carrots, we weren't expecing you!

I really want to provide my children with traditions that will ground them throughout their days. Sometimes life can feel like a hard slog which is why it is so important to celebrate and be joyful whenever we can. Spring is such a blessing after the coldness of winter and the children are already making use of the extra daylight with new secret dens in the garden and the renovation of old fairy homes.

I will post an update later in the week on how our days goes, in the meantime here are some links with more information and to help you mark tomorrow meaningfully with your family.





Do you celebrate the Equinoxes? What will you be doing tomorrow? do share :)

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