28 September 2014

Scrummy Sunday


Ham & Cranberry Sauce Crustless Quiche

I thought I might share some of my fail proof recipes. These are family friendly, easy peasy, and good for you. So today I'm sharing my go to quiche recipe. My husband and I enjoy this together when the children are in bed as they dont seem to like quiche at the moment (more for me!!!!). I serve it with a big salad which my husband drowns in mayonnaise while I enjoy it with a simple acv and olive oil dressing. 

All my recipes are really flexible, add whichever veg you have to hand and more or less to taste, chuck in some cream to make it richer. The ham is easily subsituted for more vegetables, adding Mushrooms and crushed garlic to the onions when Sautéing is yum!! Anyway, you get the picture, this is just the base recipe that I've adjusted and perfected over time. 

Ham & Cranberry Sauce Crustless Quiche

Serves two generously with salad or four with other sides.


1/2    Onion, Finely Diced
1/2    Red pepper, Diced 
3/4    Cup Brocolli
1/2    Cup Grated Cheese 
100g Diced Ham Nitrate free if possible.
6       Eggs (7 if small )
3/4    Cup Milk
salt and pepper to taste
1/4    tsp Mixed Herbs 
3 heaped tsp Cranberry sauce (I use ocean spray because there are only two ingredients)

Preheat oven to 200°C /392°F
(I dont fan bake quiche as I find it makes the edges cook too quickly.)

Grease 24cm/9.5'' dish with butter.

Sauté onion in 1/2 tsp of butter. Meanwhile add brocolli, pepper, cheese, ham and any other veg you wish to the dish.  

In a separate bowl or pyrex jug whisk eggs, milk, and seasoning. Add to dish and use a spoon to redistribute ham and such.

Using a fork whisk the cranberry sauce in a mug briefly then use a fork or spoon to add through the quiche. I find shaking the fork carefully the best way of doing this :)

At this point I usually add slices of tomato over the top but didnt have any this time.

Cover with foil or baking paper and bake for approximately 30 minutes but check after 20mins as oven temperatures vary and remove foil/baking paper. 

Serve and eat immediately. 



  1. This looks very tasty, I will be adding it to this weeks menu for my family. Thanks Terri.