13 May 2015

Purple Veggie & Rye Pikelets

These are quick, tasty and good for you! We only used carrots and beetroot this time as we were getting low on fresh produce but you can add any veggies you like, we often use spinach, peas, cooked kumara, cooked pumpkin, courgettes. I always add carrots and I find it helps the pikelets to keep their shape. Just keep in mind that any vegetables with a high water content need to be thoroughly squeezed and patted dry. This recipe makes 16 good sized pikelets.

Purple Veggie & Rye Pikelets

2 C Organic Rye Flour
2 C grated vegetables including 1 raw beetroot or 1/2 if you want a less beetrooty taste!
1 C Organic cheese
2 whisked Organic free range eggs
1 1/2 C Organic preferably raw milk
Black pepper and pink himalayan salt
Herbs of your choice.
Organic ghee or butter for the pan. 

Mix flour, vegetables, cheese and seasoning together. 

Add in whisked eggs and give a good mix up.

Finally add in Milk and mix well.

Let this sit for a minute, turn your oven onto its lowest setting and heat up your frying pan on a medium heat. I use my cast iron pan so it heats up really quickly.

Throw bout a tsp or two of butter or ghee into your frying pan, make sure it has coated the bottom then pour excess into a cup to add a little back into your pan as it dries up after every few batches or so.

Then simply add the mixture to your pan, I like to use a good heaped tablespoon for each pikelet.

Let each batch fry for about 4 minutes before flipping over to cook the other side. ( You should see the cheese melting and this is a good indication that its ready to be flipped ).

Remove from the frying pan and add to a plate in the oven to keep warm.

Serve with salad, couscous, rice, roast veg, anything you fancy really. My kids like a little natural yoghurt to dip them into or hummus.

Wait until any remaining have cooled, then pop in a container and into the freezer!

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