05 May 2015

Holistic aftercare for Tooth extractions, Dry Socket and TMJ

UPDATE: 14/05/15

I ended up getting a jaw and Neck infection, I had lumps all over my neck and pain in my jaw and ear. I was obviously advised that antibiotics was the only way to treat it. Instead I used Natures sunshine Echinacea and Goldenseal liquid 4 times a day on the extraction site aswell as taking at least 3,000mg sodium ascorbate. Finally I had ozone therapy by the naturopath. I'm so pleased that I was able to support my body through the infection instead of attacking it with conventional medicine. I'm feeling so much better but will continue to rest and allow my body to recuperate properly.

So, these last few weeks I have been recovering from a bad trip to the dentist. My first visit in a good 12 years. I had to have a tooth removed, it had a cavity, and although I had prevented infections and such for almost two years, I felt it was time to have it taken out so that I could concentrate on getting the area really healthy again. I was also concerned about the negative effect it may have had if I were to fall pregnant again. So off I went clutching my large amazonite, and I was being really calm and trying to zone out, but this chick was rough, it felt like my top jaw was moving (which obviously isn't possible) and my bottom jaw was popping in and out. At one point I thought I was going to be sick and pass out even though I was unable to feel anything.

So I get home, and I was bleeding profusely even though I had gauze in my mouth and there were pools of blood all over the bed. It finally stopped bleeding the next day but the pain was intense. I've had 4 natural childbirths and had intended on not having any pain relief for this but it was unbearable.

It turns out she had damaged my Temporomandibular Joint, which is the joint between your bottom jaw and the temporal bone, it was bruised and achy and the pain radiated throughout my ear, all across my head. I was also experiencing alot of pressure in my head and neck. This is known as TMJ. As I read about it I discovered that dentists should support the lower jaw when removing a tooth from it to prevent this and certainly shouldn't allow the jaw to move in and out of the socket. I was also suffering from dry socket which occurs when a blood clot fails to form in the extraction site. Sigh..........

So anyway, I managed after two days to come off the pain relief, but as a result have been basically bed/couch bound since. I dont like pain relief and I also felt it was important to feel how my body was healing each day so I could respond with natural medicine accordingly. (Call me crazy, I know!) I have managed to avoid any infection which is great and although I have all day pain due to the dry socket, I can now get back to running my home a lot easier and drive the short distances.

I wanted to share what I have been using to heal myself, and how to avoid more intervention from a dentist if you are unlucky enough to experience dry socket too!


You can buy one of these awesome Salter Homeopathic's kits here.

 I really noticed a difference when taking Arnica 30c and Hypericum 30c. I would recommend Arnica 200c if you are having dental work or an operation. Just be mindful that it can prevent blood clotting, this is why I waited until the bleeding had stopped. Once I was aware of the dry socket I started taking Ruta Gravidarum 30c and Hypericum at different times of the day.

Sodium Ascorbate


Do you have this at home? If not, you need to, especially if you do not vaccinate. This is far gentler on the stomach that traditional Vitamin C and as such you can take much larger quantities. I had 1/4 tsp three times daily but could easily of had more. If you want to learn more about it watch this, you can buy it here.

Clove Oil

I would dilute two drops of this with a tbsp of melted coconut oil and use a cotton bud to rub it all over the gum and in the extraction site. Clove oil is a wonderful reducer of pain and has antibacterial qualities. This is what the dentist will use if you go back to them with a dry socket. You can also soak a piece of gauze with it (in a carrier oil) and leave in the hole. Be aware that clove oil can burn the skin so it must be put in a carrier oil first. Alternatively you can chew on a clove seed. Here's some info on clove oil if you want to learn more. And this is where I purchase essential oils

Activated charcoal

This is great for anything infection related in the mouth. Empty a capsule into water and swish around the mouth. Use it to brush infected gums. I made a paste and put it into the extraction hole and all around it and left it until it naturally dissipated.

Oil Pulling

This is an absolute must. Everyone should do this anyway, but particularly in times of infection and  disease. I started after 2 full days. Its important not to swish as this can dislodge the blood clot (not that I had one anyway) so I just sat the oil in mouth and would tilt my head to move it around. Interestingly on the two days that I didnt do, the pain was noticeably more intense.


If you have a dry socket, you will need one of these. After eating, make up a saline solution and squeeze into the socket over a sink to remove food debris. This is super important to prevent infection and increased pain.

Saline water

Swish with 1/4 tsp of salt in warm water at least once a day.

Cranial Sacral therapy or Cranial Osteopathy

I went to see an amazing Cranial Sacral Therapist in Nelson, she really helped to clear the pain in my jaw and pressure and pain in my head. I think a cranial osteopath would also have been great. 

Foods to avoid

Sugary foods where possible. Sugar is never going aid healing in my opinion.
Anything particularly chewy.
Salad (for the first week as its quite hard on the jaw)

Foods to eat

Natural yoghurt
Homemade ice cream
Blended soups
Bone broth (daily if possible)
Spices such as turmeric
Onions and garlic to boost the immune system
Soft fruits and vegetables such as avocado and banana.

I hope none of you ever have an experience like me, but if you do, these natural remedies will definitely make a big difference!

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