12 May 2015

Almost there

It had been almost three weeks since my health troubles began. I woke on Tuesday with the need to get out of this house and feel.......different. Reassurance that this will not be forever and just take a breath. So I bundled everyone in the car and we went to the ocean. I feel at peace here, the children were excited to be somewhere different, poor things, we explored, talked, and I stood in the water, took deep breaths and let the crisp air wash over me and cleanse my spirit. This shall end, I will be well again. The next day I paid for the exertion with a lot of pain but those few hours will sustain me while my body continues to heal and recuperate. Every experience is given to us for a reason, and this has reminded me not to take times of vibrancy and great health for granted and that natural medicine rocks my world more than ever!!

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