10 March 2015

Our version of a mindful meaningful Easter Part 1

While I'm waiting for my new card reader (because recipes and family posts with no pictures would be lame). I thought you might be interested to know how we choose to celebrate Easter. This time of year in the southern Hemisphere is tricky because traditionally we would be looking forward to spring, new life, getting the garden ready, sewing seeds, basically all the things that Easter time represents for those of us who aren't traditional Christians.

I've split it into two posts as it would be rather long and for Part One I am going to share some ideas for gifts (if that's part of your celebration). We choose to do a wee gift basket purely for the joy of it. We use Easter as a time to embrace and welcome the change in seasons. In the Northern Hemisphere winter brings with it the promise of Christmas, St Nicholas day, New years and so on but here in New Zealand it can be (dare I say it?) depressing, with only cold and rain to look forward to. So Easter for us is just an excuse to indulge our children a little with some magic, mystery and a gift or two. We like to keep them handmade, NZ made or in keeping with our personal lifestyle choices (i.e: no dvd's or processed foods, nature inspired and so on).

Here a some lovely handmade gifts, we have a few of these and we will have another one of the Forager bags soon for Aria's birthday. I would much rather pay someone personally for their time and effort than a big business or corporation.

Books are a timeless addition to the home and I always include one in any gift! This year they will be getting a book, a handmade wooden animal by their dad, something crafty and (hopefully) some homemade chocolate because I just cant find any chocolate that is 'Eastery' and without sugar or other 'sweetener's like Malitol? If you know of any please share! Or if you make it, I could pay you so I don't have to find the time haha!

I absolutely love anything by Elsa Beskow and Jan Brett. Mommies say Shh is real favourite here too!

Flower or vegetable seeds are a great gift! You can get these ones here. My 1 year old loves wooden pegs, so a pack of these and pot is all she needs! You can get these ones online here, or I think they are cheaper at Mitre 10. And another lovely idea is a thrifted or handmade Apron with a recipe that you can make together.

In part two I will talk about our traditions and how we celebrate Easter time. Do you do Easter in your home?

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