16 March 2015

The First Time

We donned Bee suits and examined our Hive for the first time this weekend. We've read and googled and read some more but nothing can quite prepare for the reality of so many bee's. It was fascinating and we spent time just watching the behaviour of our little friends (because anyone who shares their honey with me must be called a friend, no?). 

  Josh is highly allergic to stings and was a bit nervous so he had overalls over his suits and taped the wrists and ankles, and I didn't even think until we had finished how hot it must have been with all those layers on!

  We had already taken off 18 kg when the Hive was moved here so this was more about making sure they have enough food for the winter and applying treatment for Varroa. We still managed to get 3 large glass jars worth to add to our own winter stores but the real treat came from including the children, they were so excited and got a swipe of honey each straight from the frame. Lucky things!!

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