04 November 2014


After the whirlwind birthday weekend just past (which I will post about soon), We are now slowly getting back to normal, (and my OCD is getting a good workout, putting the house to right) after all the prepping, baking and so on. Its lovely to be able to give your children these special memories but it can also leave us parents rather shell shocked. Especially those of us used to a slower pace of life.

Our crops are coming along nicely and I can't wait to enjoy them, the garden is fruiting and flowering and looking all kinds of beautiful, I so love all the dens and hideouts the children create in it.

School has taken a back burner of late, replaced by sand pit afternoons, crafting and the company of friends. They are now itching to get back into it, which is wonderful. Of course learning never stops and the daily Q&A'S ensure we are all discovering new facts every day, but there is something about us all convening at the dining table and putting pen to paper that makes this mama feel like a superwoman/awesome home educator chick for five minutes :)

Oh and we have our first Ginger bug on the go, it is starting to carbonate which is very exciting !!

On a random note. Someone (small and cheeky) pulled out the wire from my hat which means I'm now on the hunt for a new one, any suggestions?

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