18 November 2014

A frugal fantastic fairy party

Yes these were supposed to have antennae but I ran out of time :)

When my daughter came to me and declared for her 7th birthday she wanted a dinosaur party I said "Sweetheart, darling, precious joy of my life, for the love of all things I just don't think I have another Dinosaur party in me, please choose anything else; Robots, Mermaids, whatever but plleeaassee not Dinosaurs. Next year we can do Dinosaurs but can we just have a break for this one year?? " (Terrible mother I know ) So she decided on Fairies, and after a bit of pinteresting my creative fire was reignited!!

Hubby and I are boring frugals though so I had to think up how to throw a party to remember without spending any money on pretty much anything but the food. All up except food I ended up spending $35.00 which went on some gold paint, napkins, paper plates, paper streamers and paper lanterns and a few bits sourced from op shops. I also didn't want any plastic but had to settle on some plastic cups for the vegies & dip as I already had them and it didn't make any sense to buy more.

My clever man cut all the stools and table legs from a felled tree on our property and all the others decorations were made by me using materials I already had and whatever I could find in the garage.

I like to serve yummy but healthy party food, You know, so your guests don't leave feeling all yucked out on sugar. Here's what we served;

Fruit wands
Honey Sweetened Peach Muffins topped with whipped raw cream and Strawberries
Bread Snails
Mini Pizza's
Homemade Grape Jelly
Veggies and Babaganoush or Pesto
Strawberry Toadstools
Honey Sweetened Banana Birthday Cake with naturally coloured Buttercream.

For the adults my Husband did a yummy BBQ along with garlic bread, salad and locally produced Chips. I was supposed to do a pasta salad but ran out of time.

We did splash out and hire a wonderful lady Faerie Lou, if you are local to Nelson then I would whole heartedly recommend her, she really made the day extra special and was well worth the money.

I'm so glad my beautiful eldest daughter had a magical day, hand making everything was one way I could show her how much I love her. We had such a special day with her and her friends. Happy 7th Birthday to my sensitive, caring, Fairy (and dinosaur) loving little girl xx

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