13 November 2014


Sitting in the dark living room, a baby nursing at her breast, the t.v on but silent, a toddler asleep on the other couch with a bucket by her side.

Its so late, she has been cleaning, nursing, soothing, cooking, homeschooling since the sun rose, and she's tired, so tired and overwhelmed with the pain of seeing her child unwell, the responsibility, the guilt of desperately wanting a bath, does her toddler feel safe, supported, loved? Has she been patient enough? reassuring enough? Loving enough?

She expresses what milk she can with the hope of soothing her little ones discomfort, it hurts.

She should sleep as her husband does but instead she will sit; listening, waiting, checking, stroking the damp hair from her little ones face, because that's what a mama does, because she wouldn't have it any other way even if she could...........

The beautiful burden of a mothers devotion.....................

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