28 January 2015

Nurture you project Week ummm #4

Umm Yep so there's no week 2 & 3 but rest assured I have been making changes and making myself a priority. We have just been so busy with renovation work (Thankfully an awesome friend sent her hubby over to help mine rip out the ceiling of the bathroom instead of me otherwise it probably would have ended in a divorce!) and finalising details for my course ... throw in a few kids and some homeschooling into the mix and there hasn't been a nanosecond spare.

So, I have been accepted into the Naturopathic college of NZ which is amazing news! After a lot of thought I have changed over to a Diploma in Nutritional Science but will start with a certificate in Anatomy & Physiology. Something about becoming a Naturopath wasn't sitting right and I realised it was because I primarily use food not supplements to heal myself and my family. This is something that everyone can do no matter what your financial situation is, when you visit a Naturopath (as wonderful and knowledgeable as they are) you are usually given a list of supplements that will fix the problem but these are very expensive and not many people have that sort of disposable income. I believe we should be concentrating on using food to prevent illness and I feel passionate about sharing that knowledge with others . So my hope is to become a Holistic Nutritionist. Just thinking about it makes me really happy and that's how I know I've made the right choice.


I'm so excited about this new path I'm taking. It will be hard a challenge, but it's a subject that is so integrated into my life already, I know we will make this work!!

So onto my project!! A few changes I have made in the last few weeks are;

Going to bed at 11pm.

This may be late for some, but for me this is early!! I aim to eventually be in bed at around 10:30 to be asleep by 11pm. Lack of sleep I think is a major contributor to my gallbladder and liver issues. our bodies heal and replenish when we sleep and between 11pm- 3am is when the liver and gallbladder repairs itself. So if your not asleep, this obviously can't happen!

Another thing I have restarted is;

Applying Magnesium Oil topically every day.

So many of us are deficient in Magnesium. I started using it before I got pregnant with Layla to help with morning sickness and then just.... stopped. So I have started to use it again every day, and it feels good to know I'm paying attention to my own wellbeing for a change. It is something I feel we should all be using but if Magnesium Oil isn't in your budget right now then Epsom salt baths are a great alternative. My husband doesn't like feel of it on his skin so I have to run after him and be a stealth ninja about it but I know he'll thank me for it eventually :)

This is the brand I use


And lastly I have been getting up extra early, around 5:30 instead of 6:30, to make sure I have enough time to get my oil pulling done and just have 5 minutes to myself. I love seeing the sun come up, and being ready to welcome my babies with a happy face and a hug when they wake up.

So all in all a very successful fortnight I think. I will definitely be more organised from now on. How have you nourished and nurtured yourself this week?

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