08 January 2015

Nurture you project week One

I've been a mother for 7 years, 8 if you include my first pregnancy. And I have thrown myself in Head first, I have allowed motherhood to consume me and I love it, this is the single most important role I will ever have and I feel such gratitude in my heart every day for the opportunity to have my children at home, to educate them as well as raise them.

But.... somewhere along the way I lost myself and neglected to care for my own health and personal well being. I've gone days without showering or having a single thought to myself. This can only go on for so long before you hit a wall and become ill, depressed and/or close to burn out. This happened to me a few times before I finally got the message a few months ago when I became very unwell very suddenly and was bedridden, unable to move or even speak for a day, it took me a week to recover. I don't even know what it was, but I do know it happened for a reason.
    I have also struggled with my gallbladder since Layla was born and overwhelming anxiety which has gotten worse as the years go on. So over the last few months I have been slowly changing things,renegotiating priorities, struggling to figure out how to love myself in a way that isn't a detriment to my family either in time or money.
    But that is simply unrealistic so it's time to get a bit selfish even though it would be easier (in the short run) not to. I have a responsibility to show my children that your value as a human being doesn't disappear when you become a parent, If anything you need to nurture your mental well being more. I don't mean spending two hours getting ready in the morning whilst my children starve, or them going without clothes so I can have a facial, but yes they will have to sacrifice a little time or maybe there will be an occasion where we choose to pay for a naturopath visit or natural medicine instead of buying a new microscope for example. And I have to be ok with that, I NEED to nurture me in order to be able to give all of myself to my family. I want my children to see through example; how to love yourself while loving those around you. It doesn't have to be one or the other.

So with this in mind, I am starting the Nurture You Project for myself. Once a week I will post about something I have done for myself, or something I love about myself as a person or even a book or quote that has resonated with me. It won't be extravagant or costly, just whatever speaks to my heart at the time.

I really welcome you all to join me. Take a class, eat chocolate, paint your damn toes at last (you've only been trying to for the last two months) or simply put a lock on the toilet door so you don't have an audience (though they will likely still talk to you through the door)!!

Women aren't supposed to be raising children or going through life alone, but the reality is, many of us are. And this is a leading cause of us doing too much for others and not enough for us. So its time to restore, replenish and Nurture ourselves and teach the next generation to do the same.

Women must no longer be the victims of their own neglect!!

So without further ado, today for week one I am going to make lovingly ask my children to play elsewhere while I sit down with this beautiful gift I received from my good friend in Norway. It is a Business and Life Workbook by Leonie Dawson. It basically helps you to set your intentions for the following year. It also makes you think about yourself, who you are, what qualities you have, what you want to work on and what you want from your life, which is harder than it sounds!!

I think this is going to help me really make the most out of 2015 and also force me to take some time to think about myself, my hopes and dreams, what I want to achieve. Exciting stuff!!

I'm so happy to start this project, It's going to give me accountability every week to do something just for me! I know this year is all about abundance and opportunity, and I am more than ready for it all!!


  1. This so resonates with me! I'm currently doing a similar project and feeling surprisingly empowered. Love this post <3

    1. Thankyou! I hope your project is going well, I'm still thinking about what I'll do this week lol